patroids creative works

We are a Singapore-based independent digital agency with 18 years of experience working with international brands for the Asia Pacific region. Our 20-person team is presently servicing HBO Asia, HSBC Singapore, Sony Pictures Television Networks Asia, and Spotify Asia Pacific.

Yong Hwee

Our company is led by Oh Yong Hwee, an ex-naval officer with a computer science background who built his first website in 1993. Under his charge, we have won close to 20 international awards.

Yong Hwee is also an award-winning comic writer and part of PAUSE narratives, a 3-person arts collective. His graphic novels are Ten Sticks And One Rice (2012), The Garden Of Foolish Indulgences (2016) and Coalition of the Savoury Spare Parts (2017).

Yong Hwee

28 Sin Ming Lane #08-140, Midview City
Singapore 573972